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GLOBAL PAYHUB is a brand new service which has revolutionised the way buying and selling is done, offering Total Security for all parties, by combining the excellent individual services of WESTERN UNION with AUTOHUB Vehicle Logistics. You need never fear for a "bad deal" again.
The relationship was formed to provide consumers and merchants with an extremely secure, convenient, and cost effective method for ensuring transactions are completed satisfactorily.
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How It Works:

When you purchase a vehicle, and you request to the Seller that Global Payhub is used, the Seller will create an "Order" inside our system. This will be relayed to you by a secure link. You can view the order, to ensure that all details of the sale are correct, and then transfer the funds. A Proforma invoice in US$ will be automatically generated for you to keep, as proof of purchase.
The Invoice Bank reference will be a WESTERN UNION Holding Account, set up especially for your protection, and managed by Global Payhub.
As soon as you make your payment to us, we will notify the Seller, and hold your payment securely in trust.
We will immediately contact the seller, and arrange all processes to export the vehicle to you.
As soon as Autohub has confirmed that the purchase vehicle matches the details of the invoice, and has securely booked a vessel, they will report back to us so that we may release funds to the seller. Should some problem occur, and the vehicle fail to depart, then we will return funds directly back to you.
For the first time, you can ensure that you receive a vehicle, or money back!*
*(Note: Should a refund be necessary, the bank will deduct a very small charge to send your funds.)
Yes, I want to use the Global Payhub service

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