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  "What is GLOBAL PAYHUB?"

  • Global Payhub is a unique security service, when buying vehicles internationally. We act as an escrow agent, and hold your payment in a secure account in Western Union, until such time as we can guarantee possession and shipment of the vehicle to you. Only then do we pass your payment to the seller. The progress of this service is able to be seen at all times via the Track and Trace system.

  "What is the cost to use GLOBAL PAYHUB?"

  • Global Payhub costs you NOTHING. A small fee is charged to the seller, to cover our handling and sending of original documents to you.

  "Is it possible to apply JAPANESE YEN to this system?"

  • No, you will be invoiced in US$, or some other international Currency. But not Japanese Yen.

  "What if payment is made after the DUE DATE?"

  • If the Seller agrees, then we can continue, but if not, or the vehicle is unavailable, then the sale will be cancelled, and your money will be returned.

  "Can we change the contract and buy another car?"

  • YES, If the seller is agreeable. But the existing order will need to be cancelled, and a new one made, with refreshed details.

  "What if the purchased car is diffrent from the one mentioned on invoice?"

  • We will terminate the contract, and refund any payment made.

  "Is it possible to change the price on Proforma Invoice?"

  • We cannot change the contents of a Proforma Invoice. The seller must cancel the invoice, and create a new one.

  "When is the dead line for cancellation?"

  • You may cancel any time before making payment.
    If your payment is with Global Payhub, then Cancellation will incur a penalty fee.
    If we have received the vehicle, and paid the seller, you cannot cancel.

  "What happens if major faults are detected on the car which prevents shipping payment?"

  • If the seller has been paid, Global Payhub will require the funds to be returned and an agreement reached between buyer and seller.
    If the deal is cancelled, you will receive a refund.

  "When will Global Payhub send my payment to the seller?"

  • We will send your payment to the seller once we have confirmed that the vehicle delivered to our care matches the invoice details, the original documents are in our care, and your payment is securely inside the Global Payhub account.

  "Is it possible to arrange a shipment by myself?"

  • No. To have access to this service, the shipping MUST be handled by Autohub.